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Our mission as licensed wildlife rehabilitators is to help orphaned, injured or
debilitated wildlife, so they may continue their natural roles in nature.

Here are some of our 2015 Spring Babies
Spring Babies


What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?
It is the managed process whereby a displaced, sick, injured or orpaned wild animal regains the health and skills it requires to function normally and live self-sufficiently. The definition may seem simple, but there is a staggering amount of work behind those words.

"Caring For Nature’s Babies"
While all baby creatures are cute and cuddly, that is not the purpose or reason that Safe Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation Center was created. We are an intervention, we are trying to imitate the Mom. We do not speak the same language, it is sheer experience that is our advocate in the endeavor until the baby is old enough, well enough, and strong enough to be released back into their natural habitat. Instincts will help the creature to learn, grow and survive once they leave our care.
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