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Does this wild baby need to be rescued?
When the babies are infants or very young, mother is always nearby. Mothers will not return to their young with humans in sight but they rarely abandon their babies. There is no truth to the tale that a mother will not go back to babies that have been handled by humans. If you or your child or pet brings an uninjured wild baby into the house, do your best to put the baby back where it was so mom can find it. Watch from a distance to make sure mom does come back for the baby.

A baby may need to be rescued if . . .

  • the mother is known to be dead or has not returned to the babies in more than a few hours. If the babies have eyes closed the mother will not stay away for more than a few minutes, depending on species.
  • it is injured or has been attacked.
  • it is lying on its side, stretched out and cold.
  • the eyes are still closed and it is out of the nest.

2 baby raccoonsFledgling birds spend 1-2 weeks on the ground learning to fly and being cared for by their parents. Featherless, downy or incompletely feathered baby birds that fall from the nest may be re-nested. Contact a rehabilitator for instructions.

will be manned by volunteers and rehabilitators who will help you with a baby or injured adult that you find and answer questions you may have -

Our staff is made up of a group of volunteers who dedicate their hearts, homes, time and energy to helping our wild animals. For us to be effective we also need to educate others on the needs of these animals. We hope that our work will help those who cannot speak for themselves.

  Educational Presentations

Safe Haven has traveled around the state giving presentations to groups and schools who wanted to learn more about wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation. We hope to increase the number of presentations this year, so if you know of a group or teacher who would be interested in having us give a presentation, please contact us.

Here is a list of some of the places and events where we have given presentations:

  • Granby Chamber of Commerce After Hours
  • Burlington Academy
  • Granby Senior Ladies Breakfast
  • Bloomfield Senior Men's Breakfast
  • Brownies celebrating Earth Day, Salmon Brook Park
  • Granby Days Celebration
  • McLean Home
  • BAAC Biker Rodeo Event
  • Girls Summer Camp in Putnam
  • Granby Library
  • Granby Senior Center
  • International Homeless Animals even
  • Pets on Parade, Pierson Park


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